Business Plan Screening

Business Plan ScreeningFinding the diamond in the rough.  Separating the wheat from the chaff.  Due to time pressure, many investors and loan officers simply don't have the bandwidth to systematically perform even a cursory review of all the incoming business opportunities.   As a result, good business plans may get overlooked, exciting opportunities may be missed.  Before we start we get your input on exactly what you're looking for then we sort through your stack of incoming business plans and return them to you with graded report cards based upon your own criteria so you can focus your attention on the most likely winners.

Every Business Plan Screening includes:


Read and review plan from cover to cover


Grade business model, structure, financial projections, format, etc. according to your pre-determined criteria


Printed screening report

Turnaround for a typical business plan screening is two to three days, depending upon our work load; rush service may be available and we've done them as fast as the same day.  Volume discounts are available for long term contracts.  Please go to our getting started page now for rate estimates and for ordering information on how to schedule your business plan screenings.