Due Dilgence

In Depth

Due Diligence ServicesCredibility.  It comes from looking, probing, knowing the facts.  Separating opinion from reality.  Minimizing risk.  Verifying as much as possible and separating what really is unknown from what is merely difficult to pin down.

ITI can provide a variety of due diligence services.  We have no agenda, no axe to grind.  Just the facts, please.  And we're good at digging them out.  When we're done we'll wrap them up in a concise report.  

ITI focuses on due diligence for start ups and new businesses where reviewing strategy and market potential are more important than digging through years of historical financials and entanglements. 

ITI due diligence services are ideally suited for:

bulletBusiness plan reviews
bulletPre-IPO prospectuses
bulletPrivate placement memorandums

There are a lot of variables in due diligence - it can become unbelievably time consuming and expensive.  While there is a place for that level of research, we think that many times it is more important to get a fast check on the high impact business issues in a timely, systematic manner.  If that looks promising you can always dig deeper; if not, why waste your time and money?

There is a wealth of information on companies that are already public.  For emerging companies at varying early states of development its often somewhat murkier.  Why bet on a tip from a friend or an Internet rumor when you can have a custom report with up to date data on markets, management team, competition and other critical business factors indexed directly to the business plan, prospectus or private placement memorandum.

While normally thought of as a service for investors vetting business plans prior to investment, understanding and using basic due diligence techniques is also useful for the entrepreneur.  Not only does it show the entrepreneur what the investors are likely to find when they do their own checking, it can also prove a valuable independent source of business and marketing data related to the proposed business plan that may have been overlooked or missed during plan development.

Business Plan Screening

If you are a busy venture capitalist or loan officer bombarded by a steady stream of business plans may find it cost effective to have us pre-screen incoming business plans so you can focus your attention on the best prospects. We'll create a template to establish your target investment criteria, review the plans for you and report to you how well they fit your objectives.


The ITI basic due diligence package package provides essential fact checking and basic background research to validate market size, competition, business model assumptions, etc.  More than a business plan screening but less than an in depth due diligence review, the basic due diligence review is ideal for a quick "go/no-go" validation of a proposed business that has passed the first level screening process.

In Depth

Starting with the results of the basic due diligence package, the ITI in depth due diligence package digs deeper, checks more variables and produces a more comprehensive report including personal interviews with potential customers, key employees, etc.


Just as with business planning, ITI can provide investors or businesses with a wide variety of custom business due diligence services.  This can researching and validating plans for spin offs, reorganizations, downsizing/rightsizing analysis, turnarounds, etc.  ITI can check business plans, marketing plans, financial models, etc. to help clarify issues and validate business models.


Important Note:  ITI provides due diligence on business strategy and market data; we do not provide legal opinions or advice.  In depth legal due diligence wherein historical financial statements, contracts, leases, employment agreements, etc. are reviewed in detail for their legal implications is another dimension of the total due diligence process and should be undertaken by competent, experienced legal personnel.